Tie Your Camel Enamel Pin


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“TIE YOUR CAMEL” Hard Enamel Pin

“Trust in God, but tie your camel.”

This saying, as relayed by the scholar Al-Tirmidhi, is an ancient Arab phrase attributed to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who, when one day he saw a Bedouin leaving his camel without tethering it, questioned him as to why he was doing this. The Bedouin replied that he was placing his trust in Allah and had no need to tie the camel. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then replied, “Tie your camel and place your trust in Allah.” This pin serves as a great reminder to put in honest effort in anything that you do, and then leave the rest up to Allah to take care of things.

It is a hard enamel pin which has been polished to a bright, smooth finish unlike soft enamel pins that have a rigid and textured feel. This pin is finished with 18K gold plating which adds a brilliant shine and a luxurious look; perfect as a collectible item or a gift for a loved one.

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